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Dan Hayes Group
Live at The Lion's Share 1970

1. Miller Makes It Right(03:05)
2. A Child Is Born(03:27)
3. No One Is Stopping You(03:45)
4. What Goes Up(04:33)
5. Woman In Every Man(05:03)

CD Info:
Musicians: Dan Hayes (guitar, vocals), Mark Adams (vocals, harmonica), Mike Simon (guitar), Jon Kellen (drums), Rick Saylor (bass)

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The Church
Recording Studio Retrospective

1. Soul Shakin'(02:23)
2. Before You Leave(04:12)
3. Long, Hard Road(04:14)
4. I'm Coming Home(04:29)
5. Ship On The Ocean(06:08)
6. Break Song(05:23)
7. Mary Moves Me(04:14)
8. Well, I Know(03:28)
9. It Takes Someone Like You(03:23)
10. When Two People(01:59)
11. Hey, Hey Mama(01:52)
12. Warm Winter's Morning(03:23)

CD Info:
Muskadine Blues Band (Tracks 1-6):
Musicians: Mark Adams (harmonica, vocals), Doug Martin (bass), Lane Hirabayashi (guitar), Brian Hogan (sax), Eric Schleiger (drums), Hal Foreman (trumpet)

Dan Hayes Blues Band (Tracks 7 & 8):
Musicians: Dan Hayes (vocals, guitar), Mark Adams (harmonica, vocals), Larry Holman (drums), Byron Sutton (bass), Ben "King Perkoff" (sax), Derrick Walker (sax)

Dan Hayes Acoustic (Tracks 9-12):
Musicians: Dan Hayes (vocals, guitar)

Liner notes by Dan Hayes.
Original Church artwork by Kevin Haapala.

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Dan Hayes & Juke Joint

1. Here's To You(04:05)
2. Money, Love and Time(02:14)
3. California(06:02)
4. That's Why There's The Blues(02:59)
5. Flying Blind(02:52)
6. My Opinion(03:54)
7. Twice As Nice(02:21)
8. One Of A Kind(02:36)
9. Everyone's Grown Up But Me(04:04)

CD Info:
Musicians: Dan Hayes (vocals, guitar), Mark Adams (harmonica), Bruce Gapinski (bass) and Larry Holman (drums)

Liner notes by Dan Hayes.

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Live at the Paradiso

1. Love Love(03:36)
2. From Now On(03:22)
3. Easy Love(04:17)
4. Streets Of London(04:09)
5. Oh Señorita(04:13)
6. California Kid(05:48)
7. Chain Gang(02:40)
8. Hearts Under Fire(05:45)
9. Child Of The Streets(03:45)
10. Chicken Funk(05:30)
11. Still Alive(05:08)

CD Info:
Recorded live at the Paradiso, December 20, 1977 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Musicians: Alex Call (vocals, rhythm guitar), Huey Louis (vocals, harmonica), John McFee (lead guitar, fiddle, vocals), Sean Hopper (keyboards, vocals), Johnny Ciambotti (bass, vocals), Kevin Wells (drums)

Liner notes by Alex Call.

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Dan Hayes
Big City Country Blues

1. Restless Mood(02:21)
2. Bad Combination(01:44)
3. Just Need A Break(01:31)
4. Leavin Texas (In The Rain)(02:37)
5. World Of Trouble(02:33)
6. Good Whiskey, Bad Women(01:32)
7. Let's Make Up(02:53)
8. Nothing New (Under The Sun)(02:10)
9. The Right Tool(02:09)
10. Slow "C" Blues(02:33)
11. Restless Mood(02:09)
12. Bad Combination(01:40)
13. Just Need A Break(02:32)
14. Leavin Texas (In The Rain)(02:30)
15. World Of Trouble(01:22)
16. Good Whiskey, Bad Women(02:22)
17. Let's Make Up(02:47)
18. Nothing New (Under The Sun)(02:09)
19. The Right Tool(02:36)
20. Slow "C" Blues(01:56)
Bonus tracks: 
21. She Says She Will(02:32)
22. Can You Dig It?(02:34)

CD Info:
Tracks 1-10 & 21 are amplified studio versions.
Tracks 11-20 & 22 solo acoustic versions.
Musicians: Dan Hayes (vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano), , Bruce Gapinski (bass) and Larry Holman (drums)

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